We provide prompt and professional service for all of our Wax Injection, Ceramic injection and Sheet Metal forming machines. In addition we maintain a sizeable inventory of spare parts and can usually send out on a same day service.

In many cases we can solve the problems by telephone. We can either do this by way of a verbal communication or through remote diagnostics using phone modems or internet.
We have qualified technical service engineers who can provide on site service.

For service and spare parts please contact the following:

North America
Cleveland Tool and Machine
Doug Neece
T - 216 267 6010
F - 216 267 6011
Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Crystal Co. Ltd.
K. Sakai
T - 81-6-6809-3871
F - 81-6-6809-3872
UK and Europe
Allan Clift
T - 01-905-841-988

Russia and Ukraine

Vacuumtech Ltd.
Alexei Petrov
T - 007 917 690 7517


Pacific Business Development
Crystal Gao
T - 86-10-6841-1974



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