Optional Features

Wax Melters

Provide on-demand melted wax

Special Electrics

Other than 460VAC 3Ø 60Hz

Shuttle Table

Electro/Hydraulic actuated

Electronic Injection Control

EIC - gives precise control of pressure and flow plus many other features to enhance quality and productivity

Auto Die Clamp System

Electro/Hydraulic fast change system

Increased Capacity Inj. Sys.

30 gallon reservoir; 1½, 3, or 5 gallon shot cylinder

Dual Injection Tanks

Quick change system- 15 or 30 gallon capacity each

Multiple Axis Nozzle

Electro/Hydraulic X-Y-Z movements

Bottom Injection

Centerline bottom platen with all controls

Paste Wax Maker

2 zone system for quality homogeneous paste wax

Pattern Ejection

Hydraulically actuated and timed ejection

Platen Temp. Control - Cool

Controls and valves; utilizes in-plant water system

Platen Temp. Control - Heat/Cool

Thermolator and all hookups; utilizes in-plant water system for any make up; cools, and heats to 130° F

CE Safety Systems

Built to comply with known CE standards and supplied with certificate of conformity and risk assessment

Special Press Size

Available per customer specification

Special Options & Designs

Designed and built to customer specifications


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