AEAM 678

The new Automatic Elbow Angle Machine is designed to produce high quality 90° elbows and 45° angles.  The cutting plane of this combination machine is 22.5° from the horizontal plane, thus requiring only 2 cuts for a 90° elbow and 1 cut for a 45° angle.  This drastically reduces cycle time for elbows, since there are only 2 cuts, not 3.  It also saves about 10% material.  Only one operator is required.
This Machine is equipped with a full set of tooling to produce 6", 7", 8" Ø 90° elbows and 45° angles; or tooling can be purchased separately if only 1 or 2 sizes are needed.  Size changes take only 15-20 minutes to complete.
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The AEAM 678 has full safety features; including warning labels, an emergency stop button, yellow guards, and a yellow wire mesh safety frame.


Machine cycle time = 5 seconds for 45° angle / 11 seconds for 90° elbow

Load time = 2 seconds for elbow or angle (dependent upon speed of operator)

Complete Elbows:
4.6 per minute
277 per hour
2,215 per 8 hour shift
550,000+ per year (1 shift/day; 5 days/week; 50 weeks/year)
Assuming labor cost of one operator = $25,000/year, one elbow = 4.5¢ labor to produce

Complete Angles:
8.6 per minute
514 per hour
4,114 per 8 hour shift

Technical Features

Pre-programmed P.L.C. (Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500)

Proportional valve with precise ramping control of gear head

Servo valve with L.V.D.T. feedback for accurate positioning of cutting heights

Easy-to-use operator interface

Electrical: 230/460 VAC 3Ø

No air supply required

Integrated lubricating system

Hardened and heat-treated tooling


Machines will carry a full 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship.
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Recommended Material

0.012" - 0.022" thk. galvanized


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